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Clubhouse Infant

Unisex Bear 2 Piece Set

Unisex Bear 2 Piece Set

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Kid Size

Unisex Bear 2 Piece Set

Size Chart (cm)

Length: 33cm  Pant Length: 42cm - Suitable age: 6-12 Months 

Length: 35cm  Pant Length: 46cm - Suitable age: 12-18 Months 

Length: 37cm  Pant Length: 50cm - Suitable age: 18-24 Months 

Length: 39cm Pant Length: 54cm - Suitable age: 2-3 Years

Length: 41cm Pant Length: 58cm - Suitable age: 3-4 Years

Length: 43cm Pant Length: 62cm - Suitable age: 4-5 Years

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